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  • Is Part Of is exactly "ICS_P-3"

The photo shows a few individuals in a room looking at a map for a presentation.

The photo shows William Kagyut's wife sewing away, making some patterns to use for something else.

A photo of Willard Hagen shaking hands with another man dressed in a traditional clothing.

A photo of Wayne Gordon sitting at a table with a couple of papers on it, listening to someone.

A photo of Tommy Smith sitting in plane with another guy showing him a few things about the plane.

The photo shows a team picture of TMHL hockey on the ice in the arena.

A photo of Titus Allen and Danny A Gordon holding a cake that says congratulations on it.

A photo of Abel Tingmiak standing in a crowd of people wearing a hat.

A photo of Sarah Tingmiak sitting at a desk working on some fur. Also can seea sewing machine in the background

A head photo of Sweeny Loreen sitting at a table smoking.

A head photo of Susan Peffer.

A photo of Stanley Klengenberg sitting down at a desk creating some art on some paper.

A photo of Slim Semmler stretching muskrats, well he is sitting down on a chair.

The photo shows a man dancing away with a few drummers playing in the Signing ceremony in Sachs. The photo includes: 1. Silas K. , 2. Old Raddi Kowachuk, 3. Alex Gordon, 4. Amos Paul, 5. Ralph Kimiksana, 6. Jean Arey.

The photo shows a group of people sitting at a few tables for a meeting about the partnership in literacy. The photo includes: 1. Lorenza Elanik, 2. Shirley Kisoun

A photo of LEA rep. Sheila Nasogaluak from Sachs Harbour sitting down with her hand by her jaw.

The photo shows a few people sitting at a meeting table signing a document that may be something to do with Self Government. The photo includes: Left to Right

The photo shows Dancer Sarah Mangelana performing on stage with a few other dancers.

A photo of Billy Ruben sitting/kneeling on the ground holding an object in his hand.

The photo shows an old elder handing a award to couple of hockey players. The photo includes: Left to Right: Winnie Cockney, Roy Ipana, Unidentified Person.
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