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A photo of Agnes Nigiyok (foreground) and Ida Kungayuna (background) in a room with many different kinds of fur on the table.

The photo shows twos boys trying the Arm Pull northen game, with a older man coaching them on. The photo includes: Mickey Lee Gordon, Leonard Harry, Marty McLeod.

The photo shows a group of people sitting and standing around a table, we also have a couple individuals in the background with microphones. The photo includes: Front Row - Jerry Arey, George Allen, Peter Elanik, Billy Archie, Titus Allen, Back…

A photo of Nellie Cournoyea standing up in a nice traditional parka, holding a torch of some sort. We also can see a police officer and a couple others at the Canada Trail Opening.

A photo of Dennis Thrasher standing at a podium looking into the crowd.

The photo shows a couple of dolls that are laying down on a chair.

The photo shows a few people standing together getting ready to put hid on a drum at the Inuvik Drum Making Workshop February 2000. 1. Mona Felix, 2. Annie Aleekuk, 3. Katie Smith, 4. Norman Shepherd Felix.

The photo shows a few men standing together working on a drum at the Inuvik Drum Making Workshop. The photo includes: Left to Right: Scottie Kasook, Brian Rogers, Mike Drescher.

A photo of Elizabeth Greenland up against the wall in a house.

Garrett Ruben standing on the land, dressed in traditional parka.

A photo of Gerry Kisoun with Drew Kisoun being carried on his shoulders.

The photo shows a hanging stove and some pans hanging on the wall

The photo shows a group of people celerbrating a birthday or anniversary for George and Marth Harry. The photo includes: 1. Willie Stefansson, 2. Wanda Stefansson, 3. Charles Elias, 4. Valerie Stefannson, 5. Unidentified Person, 6. George Harry, 7.…

A photo of a women handing a man a trophy from the IRC hockey tournament in the old arena. The photo includes: Left to Right: Gary Harley, Les Carpenter, Winnie Cockney, last name Pielak.

The photo shows a women in the Holman Crafts shop packing up some crafts into a box.

The photo shows a women working at the Holman Print making shop.

The photo shows a group tour of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation. The tour includes: 1. Freda Whiteside, 2. Sarah Anderson, 3. Eddie Dillon, 4. Helen Gruben, 5. Katie Pokiak, 6. Randall Pokiak, 7. Wayne Gordon, 8. Alexandria Elias 9. Renie…

A photo of Joe Teddy (right) with two children in a library looking at some books.

Emmanuel Felix and Tommy Ross playing the violin and the guitar at Ingamo Old Time Dance.

A photo of a few men gathered around a table signings some papers at the Inuvialuit Beaufort Service office. The photo includes: Eddie Dillon, Freda Lester, DM Parks, Peter Coolican.
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