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The photo shows the Lyle Trimble Action Group sitting at a table discussion some kind of topic. The photo includes: Glenna Hansen, Jimmy Jacobson, David Storr, Lyle Trimble.

A photo of Lily Elias sitting at a desk, holding a piece of paper and on the phone.

A photo of Lillian Elias and Rosemary Kirby looking at a book, one of them is sitting and the other is standing.

The photo shows a young kid performing the arm pull against a much older lady in a classroom. The photo includes: Right: Leonard Harry.

A photo of Lena Wolki dressed in a traditional parka sitting down.

The photo shows a couple of kids in the Language class at school. Right: Aaron Kikoak

A photo of John Elanik performing the high kick in front of a group of people.

Nellie Cournoyea presenting a certificate to Joe Teddy.

A photo of Joe Teddy (right) with two children in a library looking at some books.

A photo of Jean Tardiff looking at some Land Claims in Aklavik with Dwight Noseworthy.

The photo shows a group of women sitting and kneeling on some rocks with a child standing up and a tent in the background. The photo includes: Front row-left to right: Jane Esau, James Gordon, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, Back Row-left to right:…

The photo shows a few people standing together getting ready to put hid on a drum at the Inuvik Drum Making Workshop February 2000. 1. Mona Felix, 2. Annie Aleekuk, 3. Katie Smith, 4. Norman Shepherd Felix.

The photo shows a few men standing together working on a drum at the Inuvik Drum Making Workshop. The photo includes: Left to Right: Scottie Kasook, Brian Rogers, Mike Drescher.

A photo of a few people gathered another person looking at a drum at the Inuvik Drum Making Workshop. The photo includes: 1. Liz Drescher, 2. Mona Felix, 3. Annie Aleekuk, 4. Mike Drescher, 5. Norman Shepherd Felix, 6. Brian Rogers.

A photo of a few men gathered around a table signings some papers at the Inuvialuit Beaufort Service office. The photo includes: Eddie Dillon, Freda Lester, DM Parks, Peter Coolican.

A photo of two men sitting down at a table signing a document for the Inuvialuit Beluga Agreement, with another man standing behind them. Inupiat

A photo of Elizabeth Greenland up against the wall in a house.

A photo of Agnes Nigiyok (foreground) and Ida Kungayuna (background) in a room with many different kinds of fur on the table.

A photo of a women handing a man a trophy from the IRC hockey tournament in the old arena. The photo includes: Left to Right: Gary Harley, Les Carpenter, Winnie Cockney, last name Pielak.

The photo shows a group tour of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation. The tour includes: 1. Freda Whiteside, 2. Sarah Anderson, 3. Eddie Dillon, 4. Helen Gruben, 5. Katie Pokiak, 6. Randall Pokiak, 7. Wayne Gordon, 8. Alexandria Elias 9. Renie…
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