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The photo shows a couple of men working a drilling rig in side a metal shack.

A photo of a convey led by trackor on the land in search for Oil and Gas sites.

The photo is a team photo of the Northwestel Hockey team. The photo includes: 1. Floyd Roland, 2. Charles Martin, 3. Ross MacCallum.

A photo of Nora Memogana sewing a pattern of some sort.

A photo of Dennis Thrasher standing at a podium looking into the crowd.

A photo of Nellie Cournoyea standing up in a nice traditional parka, holding a torch of some sort. We also can see a police officer and a couple others at the Canada Trail Opening.

The photo shows a side view of the shelves from the log house.

The photo shows a hanging stove and some pans hanging on the wall

The photo shows a couple of shelves that have some food on it and some dishes, we also can see some fur on a table.

The photo shows a couple of people sitting and standing by a table that has some crafts on it. The photo includes: Rosie Albert, Susie Francis, Agnes K, Clayton Gordon.

The photo shows another photo that shows a couple of people sitting down on the floor in a log cabin.

The photo shows a couple of dolls that are laying down on a chair.

The photo shows twos boys trying the Arm Pull northen game, with a older man coaching them on. The photo includes: Mickey Lee Gordon, Leonard Harry, Marty McLeod.

A photo of Merle and Frank Carpenter being sweared in.

A photo of Mavis Jacobson sitting down at a desk with a pen in her hand writing in a note book.

A photo of Mary Kudlak using a ulu on some hide, with a couple of people standing around her.

The photo shows a couple of men standing together in a room with a couple of furs on the wall. The photo includes: Right: Mark Noksana.

A photo of Marcy Tingmiak sitting down and bending over on her chair.

A photo of Madeline Smith sitting one a chair with three homemade owl crafts.

A photo of Mabel Stefansson (Rosie's mom) sitting on a couch smiling at the camera.
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