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A photo of Elizabeth Hansen, the 1989 Muskrat Jamboree Queen standing outside in a nice traditional parka, also wearing glasses and smiling.

The photo shows a few people holding up an Aboriginal Group Support Banner, that shows the idea of self governace for the aboriginals.

A photo of Wayne Goose an aboriginal support group member FMC.

A photo of Brad Firth sitting down on a chair at the Aklavik Trapping Workshop listening to a speaker.

A photo of Albert Elias sitting down in a boat holding a fishing rod.

A photo of Alice Husky sitting down on the floor with a knife in her hand, we also can see musical instruments in the back ground.

A photo of Anne B & Danny A Gordon kissing on a couch and holding a cake in the shape of a heart.

A photo of Annie C Gordon playing with a strings in her hand.

A photo of Annie Goose talking through a mic reading off from some paper notes. This was when she worked for CBC.

A photo of assistant executive director Bill Goose talking into a microphone.

A photo of Betty Haogak leaning on a table and holding a pencil in her hand.

A photo of Bob & Brian Gully, one of them is on the phone and the other is standing behind him.

The photo shows what is left of Bowhead whale to be cut up into meat chunks.

A photo of Calvin Pokiak cutting a log with a saw and a few other people in the photo.

A photo of the Canada Trail unveiling in 99, the trail opened in 2000.

A photo of a young Cara Dillon sitting down on a chair dressed in traditional parka.

A photo of the opening of CHAK Radio in Aklavik, with a bunch of people sitting down on chairs.

A photo of Charles Hunter standing on the stage in Jim Koe park with SAMS school in the background.

A photo of Charlie Haogak sitting on a chair at a desk holding a pencil in his hand.

A photo of Clara Gully and Agnes Semmler sitting down in Jim Koe park at some kind of event that is being head there.
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