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Emma Dick sitting down on a chair smiling at the camera with a lamp beside her.

Delma Kisoun and Knute Hansen sitting down next to each other on chairs.

Frank and Glenna Hansen standing together by a sign that says "Hansen Petroleum Products".

A photo of Elizabeth Hansen, the 1989 Muskrat Jamboree Queen standing outside in a nice traditional parka, also wearing glasses and smiling.

A photo of Edward Ruben sitting down talking to another man, with a TV behind him.

A photo of Edna Elias standing in Jim Koe park with the stage behind her.

A photo of Ed Ruben, Freeman Kimiksana, and another man being interviewed by Brenda Dillon.

Elders Dora Malegana, Annie B. Gordon, and Ella Gordon playing a fun game in Aklavik, NT.

A photo of Donald Kuptana standing up against smiling.

A photo of Donald Kaglik playing with some string at a Language Workshop.

A photo of three men standing in the room with two of them shanking hands. The photo includes: Left to Right: Dino Norris, Wayne Norris, Fred Carmichael.

The photo shows a few people dancing in front of a crowd of people. The photo includes: 1. Marie Jacobson, 2. Mary Ruth Kayotuk, 3. Jimmy John Meyook, 4. Marjorie Baetz, 5. Margo Meyook, 6. Priscilla Kayotuk, 7. Carol D. Arey, 8. Delma Kisoun, 9.…

A head photo of Debbie Gordon.

The photo shows a group of women walking on a wooden side walk wearing parkas. The photo includes: Left to Right: Unidentified person, Rhoda

A photo of Crystal Lennie playing a a swing set.

A photo of Billy Day who tells the MLAs Bob McQuarrie and Nick Sibbeston, that they have five minutes to convince Inv to go with the west. COPE AGM Sachs

A photo of George Okheena Holman kneeling on the floor holding a fox fur with many more on the floor as well.

A photo of Betty Haogak leaning on a table and holding a pencil in her hand.

A photo of Charlie Haogak sitting on a chair at a desk holding a pencil in his hand.

A photo of Charles Hunter standing on the stage in Jim Koe park with SAMS school in the background.
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