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A photo of a unidentified woman, Old Harry Inułarkiak(Inuqiłaq?) and Minnie Natmak-wife of old Harry Inułarkiak. The photo is very worn out. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo shows a group of woman that include Ivy Anikina, Susie Nasogaluak, Annie Raddi, Christina Felix, Lena Pokiak, Mary Elias. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of a few winter snow houses and a couple of dog teams. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Susie Sydney and Clara Sydney Kalina standing in the wind taking a photo together. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of three small children at a camp in the delta. Left to Right: Persis (Lennie) Gruben, Winnie (Lennie) Cockney and Alexandria Elias (Ulukuluk). Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a summer camp made up of tents and a few wood structures in the delta. In the photo we can see a child being loved up by a couple of dogs and a women in the background smiling. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Adam Inuqirłaq, John Kuveran (a layman), and Dorcus Gordon's Dad all standing in front of a tent. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few people standing out side a log cabin. (left to right: Paul Adam's mom (Carrie), Nora, Mary Misanaq). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo that includes the following (left to right): Leila Voudrach, Mary Talurmik Gruben (her sister is Leila's mom), Joanne Roach, Emma Gruben, Alice Gruben, (Ivy Uukunaq) Anikina all sitting inside on a bench in there traditional clothing. …

A photo if an unidentified child, Richard Igiluriatchiaq”(Hugh's son)”, showing some of the furs outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

The image was taken at Shingle Point, it shows a group of people posing for a group photo. The Persons(left to right, front to back): Bessie Elias, Agnes Rufus, Noah Elias has rat head coat on, Angus (between ), Edward Elias, in the front sitting …

The image shows a group of people (left to right, front to back): women in dark: Bessie Tagiluk Cockney, little girl in front of the unidentified school teacher, Alice Cockney, beside her Margaret Cockney, little girl in front of Alice Cockney is…

A photo of young Sam Lennie sitting in the bushes in traditional clothing. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo shows a summer camp a couple of individuals resting. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a woman with a child on her back and another child standing beside her. Left to Right: Edna Gruben Carpenter, Tulomiq (wife of John William Gruben), on her back Emma Gruben Fietchtinger. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of Persis (Lennie) Gruben and Charlie Gruben sitting beside each other taking a photo together. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of young Persis Gruben standing in the bushes by some trees in traditional clothing Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Pat Asaprpan Keevik-Herschel. Keevik-Herschel is also the last name used by him. He is also standing in front of shop. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of Owen Okpik's boat “AKLAVIK”, mission’s boat. Could be going to Black Mountian for a picnic or pick berries. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a woman and a child standing on the beach with a few building in the background. Credit: Agnes Gruben White
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