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A photo of Isaac Simon and Persis Gruben in white parka standing infront of log cabins. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Joe and Mabel Thrasher with their children standing beside something that looks like a tent frame. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

Group photo: Back row, left to right: Fred Carpenter, Mr. Harcorn(?), Mrs. Harcorn(?). Second row, left to right: Lennie Inglangasuk, his wife Sarah Lennie holding their son Sam Lennie, unidentified woman, Persis (née Lennie) Gruben, Lucy (née…

The image shows the boat-”Kusiqarâk” or “Kusiqrûrâk. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a couple of men standing in front of a boat with a few buildings in the background at Herschel Island. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk snowhouse. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Phillip Naoyaq, Lena Aranigasiak (wife of Phillip) holding Ruby Kasook, Jimmy (Jacobson). Credit: Jimmy Jacobson

A photo of Ilaviniq-Wallas Goose's grandfather, and Ole Anderson-showing some of the furs they have outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Mrs Blake and Mr Billy Blake standing outside a log cabin with three small chidren, all in tradtional clothing. Also on the back of the photo was written: Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Adam Inuałurâq Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a woman and a child standing on the beach with a few building in the background. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

A photo of Owen Okpik's boat “AKLAVIK”, mission’s boat. Could be going to Black Mountian for a picnic or pick berries. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Pat Asaprpan Keevik-Herschel. Keevik-Herschel is also the last name used by him. He is also standing in front of shop. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of young Persis Gruben standing in the bushes by some trees in traditional clothing Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Persis (Lennie) Gruben and Charlie Gruben sitting beside each other taking a photo together. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

The image shows a woman with a child on her back and another child standing beside her. Left to Right: Edna Gruben Carpenter, Tulomiq (wife of John William Gruben), on her back Emma Gruben Fietchtinger. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

The photo shows a summer camp a couple of individuals resting. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of young Sam Lennie sitting in the bushes in traditional clothing. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a group of people (left to right, front to back): women in dark: Bessie Tagiluk Cockney, little girl in front of the unidentified school teacher, Alice Cockney, beside her Margaret Cockney, little girl in front of Alice Cockney is…

The image was taken at Shingle Point, it shows a group of people posing for a group photo. The Persons(left to right, front to back): Bessie Elias, Agnes Rufus, Noah Elias has rat head coat on, Angus (between ), Edward Elias, in the front sitting …
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