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A photo of Old Adam Inuałurâq Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a summer camp made up of tents and a few wood structures in the delta. In the photo we can see a child being loved up by a couple of dogs and a women in the background smiling. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a unidentified woman, Old Harry Inułarkiak(Inuqiłaq?) and Minnie Natmak-wife of old Harry Inułarkiak. The photo is very worn out. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk snowhouse. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the outcome of Hunting beluga whales, they were able to get one. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few winter snow houses and a couple of dog teams. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few people standing out side a log cabin. (left to right: Paul Adam's mom (Carrie), Nora, Mary Misanaq). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo if an unidentified child, Richard Igiluriatchiaq”(Hugh's son)”, showing some of the furs outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Ilaviniq-Wallas Goose's grandfather, and Ole Anderson-showing some of the furs they have outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Mrs Blake and Mr Billy Blake standing outside a log cabin with three small chidren, all in tradtional clothing. Also on the back of the photo was written: Credit: Martha Harry

Photo of Garrett Nutik (father of Kathleen Hansen and Garret Nutik), Emma's (mother of Kathleen Hansen, Garrett Nutik, Jeannie Lennie, and Ivy Ekaksak) first husband. He is holding Ella Phillips, Clara Phillips’ mother. Credit: Martha Harry. More…

The first man is unidentified, Old Dennis Anartuq, Katie Kuutuuq (Rolland), Iłun-Katie's first husband, and a dog. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie (Kitli) Rufus holding some kind of animal in the bushes somewhere. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo shows a summer camp a couple of individuals resting. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Man Rufus Kalea_ak (also spelled “Kaleolook”) and his daughter Ada, who was Owen Okpik's first wife. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Adam Inuqirłaq, John Kuveran (a layman), and Dorcus Gordon's Dad all standing in front of a tent. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a couple on the land in a camp somewhere in the bushes. Left to Right: Mali and Billie Goose Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the boat-”Kusiqarâk” or “Kusiqrûrâk. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of two teachers at Shingle Point mission site in the early 1930s. Left to Right: Mrs. Shepard (nee Letham), Mrs. Court. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of young Isaac Simon sitting in front of spilt wood. Credit: Martha Harry
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