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A photo if an unidentified child, Richard Igiluriatchiaq”(Hugh's son)”, showing some of the furs outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few people standing out side a log cabin. (left to right: Paul Adam's mom (Carrie), Nora, Mary Misanaq). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few winter snow houses and a couple of dog teams. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the outcome of Hunting beluga whales, they were able to get one. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk snowhouse. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a unidentified woman, Old Harry Inułarkiak(Inuqiłaq?) and Minnie Natmak-wife of old Harry Inułarkiak. The photo is very worn out. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a summer camp made up of tents and a few wood structures in the delta. In the photo we can see a child being loved up by a couple of dogs and a women in the background smiling. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Adam Inuałurâq Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a group of people and a few tents in the background. 1st row: Bessie Erigartuk, Arnold E., Andrew Erigartuk, 2nd row: Mary Erigartuk, Archie Erigartuk, Rosie E., 3rd row: Jacob E., In the back sitting, Charlie Qalea_uk ? And Allen…

A photo of Phillip Naoyaq, Lena Aranigasiak (wife of Phillip) holding Ruby Kasook, Jimmy (Jacobson). Credit: Jimmy Jacobson

A photo of a woman and a child standing on the beach with a few building in the background. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

The image shows a few men with a couple of dogs standing beside two boats, with a couple of buildings in the background. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

The image shows a couple of men standing in front of a boat with a few buildings in the background at Herschel Island. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

The image shows a few building at Herschel Island in the distance. We can also see a bay in the photo as well. Credit: Agnes Gruben White

A photo of Persis (Lennie) Gruben and Charlie Gruben sitting beside each other taking a photo together. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of Emma Gruben Fietchtinger standing on a wooden walk way in traditional clothes. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

The image shows a woman with a child on her back and another child standing beside her. Left to Right: Edna Gruben Carpenter, Tulomiq (wife of John William Gruben), on her back Emma Gruben Fietchtinger. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

Group photo: Back row, left to right: Fred Carpenter, Mr. Harcorn(?), Mrs. Harcorn(?). Second row, left to right: Lennie Inglangasuk, his wife Sarah Lennie holding their son Sam Lennie, unidentified woman, Persis (née Lennie) Gruben, Lucy (née…

A photo of Susie Sydney and Clara Sydney Kalina standing in the wind taking a photo together. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger

A photo of Mary Talurmik and Kikoak (Qikoaq) drum dancing with a couple of people in the background sitting down. Credit: Emma Gruben Fietchtinger
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