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A photo that includes Rhoda Aluniq (Ida Aleekuk’s mom), unidentified child, Minnie Nanmak, Sarah Lennie in front with ulu, Kinoogun, (Frank Cockney’s grandmother), behind; Tukpan (Emma Dick’s mother). All of them are skinning and harvesting a…

A photo of Hunting beluga whales with boats. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Owen Okpik's boat “AKLAVIK”, mission’s boat. Could be going to Black Mountian for a picnic or pick berries. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a group of people and a log cabin in background that belonged to Aileen Okpik. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of three small children at a camp in the delta. Left to Right: Persis (Lennie) Gruben, Winnie (Lennie) Cockney and Alexandria Elias (Ulukuluk). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Isaac Simon and Persis Gruben in white parka standing infront of log cabins. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of young Persis Gruben standing in the bushes by some trees in traditional clothing Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of young Sam Lennie sitting in the bushes in traditional clothing. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of young Isaac Simon sitting in front of spilt wood. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of two teachers at Shingle Point mission site in the early 1930s. Left to Right: Mrs. Shepard (nee Letham), Mrs. Court. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the boat-”Kusiqarâk” or “Kusiqrûrâk. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a couple on the land in a camp somewhere in the bushes. Left to Right: Mali and Billie Goose Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Adam Inuqirłaq, John Kuveran (a layman), and Dorcus Gordon's Dad all standing in front of a tent. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Old Man Rufus Kalea_ak (also spelled “Kaleolook”) and his daughter Ada, who was Owen Okpik's first wife. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo shows a summer camp a couple of individuals resting. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie (Kitli) Rufus holding some kind of animal in the bushes somewhere. Credit: Martha Harry

The first man is unidentified, Old Dennis Anartuq, Katie Kuutuuq (Rolland), Iłun-Katie's first husband, and a dog. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Garrett Nutik, (Jeannie Lennie Mom's first husband) and Ella Phillips-(Clara Philiips Mom). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Mrs Blake and Mr Billy Blake standing outside a log cabin with three small chidren, all in tradtional clothing. Also on the back of the photo was written: Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Ilaviniq-Wallas Goose's grandfather, and Ole Anderson-showing some of the furs they have outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry
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