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The image shows a pingo in the distance and the mackenzie river.

The photo shows an aerial view of tuk and its small town.

A photo of Alice Simon standing up with a purse between her arm and body, dressed in traditional clothing.

The photo shows a buildng with a fenced off area at Atkinson Point DEW line site.

The image shows a few building and a couple of guys working or walking on stairs in the background at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The photo shows a couple more buildings at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point, one with a fense coming from it.

The photo shows a building with a barrel beside it at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The photo shows us two adults with one of them holding a baby. They are all dressed in traditional clothes. The photo includes: Phillip Hoagaq, Jean Pigalaq, Edith Hoagak.

An aerial photo of ballie island that has no snow on the land but some ice off and on its shore.

A headshot of Bessie Lennie(Ivaraluk) Tim Lennie's daughter in traditional clothes.

The image shows the boats are back together as a convoy and are traveling again on the ocean.

The photo shows all the boats back on the beach after a day of whaling.

A photo that includes: Mark Immiraq, Yvonne Udjak, Paul Ipilun, Terry Nuqalaq, Mary Uyaraktak, Martha Kudlak, Nicol Uluarguk. The photo shows everyone lined up against a wall getting their photo taken, also everyone is dressed in traditional…

The photo shows a couple men by a tent with a dog sled team from the air.

A photo of Simone Goose, Paulette Aligammik, and Terry Nugalaq playing some kind of card game, maybe go fish.

The photo shows a coal mine on the yukon coast, we can see a dock for a boat at the mine.

The photo shows a convoy of boats traveling together on the arctic ocean.

The photo shows Frank Kudlak and Phillip Hoagak sitting in a boat together.

A photo of Galak Noel Avaluq inside a house, dressed in some traditional clothing. (Betty Cockney's Brother)?

The photo is the same as N82-003-0016 in the same collection. A photo full of girls that includes Eva Udjak(with Peter Noghasak), Elsie Aligammiq, Agliuriktuq (with Susie), Renie Taipana(with Agnes Kuptana?), Edith Palungayaq Haogaq, Jean Uqinaq,…
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