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The photo shows us two adults with one of them holding a baby. They are all dressed in traditional clothes. The photo includes: Phillip Hoagaq, Jean Pigalaq, Edith Hoagak.

A headshot of Bessie Lennie(Ivaraluk) Tim Lennie's daughter in traditional clothes.

A headshot of Mary Uyaratak in traditional clothes.

A headshot of Morris Nigiyok dressed in traditional clothes.

A photo of Tommy Goose holding out his hand. He is dressed in traditional clothing.

The photo shows a mother with two young kids standing beside her outside a building. The photo includes: Quluqtuq(left)

A photo that includes Emma Inugauraq, Margret Tangiq Igutak, Margret Halukhit, Mabel Kaputan. They are standing outside a tent frame, they are dressed in traditional clothes.

A photo of Palvik, Mabel Kuptan, Aligoitok, they are all standing by each other in a line like fashion, with one kid who has his side to the camera. Also everyone is dressed in traditional clothes.

The photo is the same as N82-003-0027 in the same collection. A group photo with men sitting and kneeling and women standing behind them. Back to Front: Qunguatuq Mary Kudlak, Renie Taipana (Agnes Kuptan’s mother), Margaret Taniq, Nilighaq, Mabel…

The photo is the same as N82-003-0016 in the same collection. A photo full of girls that includes Eva Udjak(with Peter Noghasak), Elsie Aligammiq, Agliuriktuq (with Susie), Renie Taipana(with Agnes Kuptana?), Edith Palungayaq Haogaq, Jean Uqinaq,…

The photo is the same as N82-003-0018 in the same collection. A photo that includes Mabel Kaputan (Morris Niriyiuk's wife), Elsie Nilighaq, Ida Ivaraluk, Rosie Qiuqvihaq/Qinqviqhaaq; all sitting on something.

A photo that includes Esau Iligayaq, Roy Inuktalik, Joe Qapaqqatuaq, Joe Apian, and Adam Igyughiaq (Joe Teddy’s niece’s grandfather). Almost all the men seem to not be smiling and have their hands by their side and are dressed in traditional…

A photo of Nellie Qanuvan who is holding some kind of cover and Jimmy Hiquqh who is standing right beside her. Both of them are dressed in traditional clothing and are standing in front of boat that is upside down.

A photo of Phillip Hoagak by a sled. He is dressed in traditional clothing.

The photo shows Frank Kudlak and Phillip Hoagak sitting in a boat together.

A photo of Louis Unayaq and Adam Igiyghiaq (Ida’s grandfather, Joe Teddy’s niece) standing beside each other by a tent.

A group photo where everyone has thier hoods up and are dressed in traditional clothing and standing beside a building. The photo include (Front to Back): Mary Uyaraqtik, Agnes Nanugaq (Goose), Carrie Goose, Jack Goose, Mami Mamayauq, Simone Goose,…

A photo that includes: Mark Immiraq, Yvonne Udjak, Paul Ipilun, Terry Nuqalaq, Mary Uyaraktak, Martha Kudlak, Nicol Uluarguk. The photo shows everyone lined up against a wall getting their photo taken, also everyone is dressed in traditional…

The photo shows another group photo, but in front of a tent and a building and beside a couple other buidling. We also can see a few barrels beside the people in the photo who are also dressed in traditional clothing.

A photo of Mary Mamayauq standing beside a building, dressed in traditional clothing.
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