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Mary Kailek is completing the legend from the previous legend, then tells a personal short story from when she was at Campsell Hospital, and ends with a legend that she heard from her friend Melanie from Taloyoak (Spence Bay) about a man who had five…
Frank Kuptana and an unidentified speaker are continuing their discussions from the previous story and sharing memories and stories from the past.
Agnes Nanogak is telling three stories. The first story is about two siblings who lost their parents and are living alone, followed by another story of man traveling on the river and fishing and is baffled because he keeps hearing a voice singing a…
Donald Kaglik is telling part 2 of the legend of The Moon Child, that he heard from his grandfather Ningaqsiq, on The Long Time Ago program hosted by Louie Goose.
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her visit and travels to and with her parents, and stories of her mother including fierce games of skills between her mother and other women. Part 1, to be continued
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