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A photo of two men sitting down at a table signing a document for the Inuvialuit Beluga Agreement, with another man standing behind them. Inupiat

The photo shows all the boats back on the beach after a day of whaling.

The image shows two men in a boat, one with his back to us and another laughing looking towards us.

The photo shows a man standing by himself in the water and a boat going off in some direction.

The photo shows a man standing up on a cabin of a boat, getting ready to throw a harpoon at a whale.

The image shows two boats side by side getting ready to do some whaling.

The image shows the boats are back together as a convoy and are traveling again on the ocean.

The photo shows the convoy of boats are spreading out to do some whaling or to go separate ways.

The photo shows a convoy of boats traveling together on the arctic ocean.

The image shows a couple of whales poping up for a visit in the ice whole and going back down right away.

The image shows a man standing next to some equipment that is near the open water for the whale study.

The phot shows a man next to a wall looking down at the whole of open water.

The photo shows a couple of whales diving down from the hole in the ice for the whale research.

The photo shows a big group of people getting together to have a feast at a nice long table.

The image shows a close up of the sign "warning protected area" for the whale study.

The image shows a big hole in the ice with a sign saying "protected area" for whale research. We can also see a tent with a few supplies and a couple of people.

Duplicate. The image shows another class photo full of little kids, but this time the teacher is not in the photo. Everyone is unnamed.

The image shows Eddie Gruben with a beluga while and the ship the "Tootsie" on the shores of Tuk.

The photo shows a man that seems to be looking a old whale bones by some rocks.

A photo of Silas Palayaq (Agnes Nigiruq’s adoptive dad) cutting up a white whale at Horton river. He is dressed in traditional clothes.

A photo of Silas Palayaq (Agnes Nigiruq’s adoptive dad) cutting up a white whale at Horton river. He is dressed in traditional clothes.

A photo of a few boats that have just returned from Hunting Beluga Whales and are unloading there catch. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo that includes Rhoda Aluniq (Ida Aleekuk’s mom), unidentified child, Minnie Nanmak, Sarah Lennie in front with ulu, Kinoogun, (Frank Cockney’s grandmother), behind; Tukpan (Emma Dick’s mother). All of them are skinning and harvesting a…

A photo of Hunting beluga whales with boats. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the outcome of Hunting beluga whales, they were able to get one. Credit: Martha Harry
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