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North end of Cape Parry, Ulu (Sept '76)0.jpg
Image of weathered and rusted ulu from the late 1800's at the whaler's Camp, North end of Cape Parry

A photo of Mary Kudlak using a ulu on some hide, with a couple of people standing around her.

The photo shows a 5'' transluscent stone handle Ulu and a Ulu from Paulatuk that is a 4.5'' Wood Handle.

The photo shows a number of Ulus on a table.

The photo shows what was used to make the Ulus through the times of the Inuit at the Ulu. Exhibit by University of Alberta Museum.

The photo shows the different kinds of ulus and where they came from on a map at the Ulu exhibit by University of Alberta Museum.

A photo of the Ulu exhibit at the University of Alberta Museum in Edmonton

A photo that includes Rhoda Aluniq (Ida Aleekuk’s mom), unidentified child, Minnie Nanmak, Sarah Lennie in front with ulu, Kinoogun, (Frank Cockney’s grandmother), behind; Tukpan (Emma Dick’s mother). All of them are skinning and harvesting a…
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