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The photo shows Andy Carpenter with Wallace Goose and his family sitting down with the award.

A photo of a man standing in the doorway of a log cabin.

The photo shows a log cabin that is surround by trees.

The photo shows a man standing in a boat with a gas can getting ready to load the can in the boat or remove it.

The photo shows a nice old log house in the summer time with grass all around the house.

A photo of a house in the winter time with trees around it.

A photo of Laura Bergt standing outside reading a newspaper by a car with trees all around her.

A photo of the Tiaga Forest in the winter time.

A photo of Simon Katauyaq Ungirun climbing on some branches.

The photo shows a group of people having a picnic on a nice summer day.

The photos shows either Emma or Eva Raddi standing next to a white wooden fence.

The photo shows Susan Kailek standing by a whole bunch of fallen trees.

A photo of an unnamed woman standing on a sidewalk with cars in the background and a few other people in the photo.

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) down by the beach with two dogs and a couple of barrels.

A photo of Effie Rogers standing by a tree and two roadways.

A photo of two men sitting on a log drinking something. We also can see a few rusted out metal objects around them.

The photo shows a group of women sitting on a bench in a park with a few trees behind them. The photo includes from Left to Right: unidentified person, Effie Rogers, Eva or Emma Raddi, unidentified person

The image shows two unnamed women standing on a rock in park. We also can see a couple of building in the background and a bench.

The image shows a track made out of logs for a cart that is holding other logs. We also can see a Woodcutter cuting wood and loading that same cart on Bear Island Opposite of Oil Well.

A photo of a old Bark Smoke House and another old building at a camp in the woods.
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