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In March 1999, a group of students travelled to a Bush camp in the Mackenzie Delta from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School as a part of the cultural activities for young students. Also, Leonard Harry talks to Robert Kuptana in the studio.
Elisa Hart and Don Gardner discuss artifacts and the survival of Kitigaaryuit, the traditional whaling camp west of Tuktuyuktuk.
Children are shown indigenous traditional knowledge like ice fishing, trapping, etc. at Huskey Lakes.
Two segments: one where Gabe Angre tells of is experiences with the land and the other with the sod turning for the site of the new hospital in Inuvik.
Freddy Rogers teaches two children how to harvest animals off of the land.
This video shows Danny Gordon and Annie C Gordon teaching six teenagers from Moose Kerr School in Aklavik how to trap and about life in a trapping camp.
A video of Elder Lena Danielson speaking about her experiences growing up and living in different camps and communities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about what it was like when she got married, how her husband Johnny taught…
This is a video of Elder Colin Allen talking about his life. He tells stories about growing up, the jobs he had, where he lived, and how he hunted, trapped, fished, and lived off of the land.
A video of Elder Colin Harry (aka Isaugan) telling stories about his life. He talks about being adopted, going to school, hunting, trapping, and herding reindeer.
Danny and Annie C. Gordon describe and demonstrate how to set traps and prepare the trapped animals for future use.
This is a video of Elder Geddes Wolki talking about growing up and living on the land. He talks about the different places he travelled to and how he hunted and trapped. The last few minutes of the video show a segment of “Nanuk Says” in…
A video of Joe Apian describing his experiences living and travelling around the Circumpolar World. Among the discussed topics are: drum dancing, hunting, harvesting, and other various traditional activities.
This is a video of Sandy Wolki telling stories about his life. He talks about the different places he and his family travelled and lived, and how they, and the other Inuvialuit, would hunt, trap, and live off the land. The last part of the video is a…
This is a video of Elder Frank Kudlak talking about his life growing up and living on the land. He tells stories about hunting and trapping and explains how people lived long ago.
A video of Elders from Paulatuk and Holman (who have passed away) telling stories from their past.
An interview Edgar Kotokak, who describes living in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
This is a video of an interview with Elder Maureen Elias. She talks about what it was like hunting, whaling, and living on the land when she was younger. She also talks about how things are different today.
Mary Kailek is storytelling from the 1937 era, of when she was doing a lot of sewing, of visitors and listening to storytelling in the evenings, of their travels for Christmas and New Years, stories of her dad and Joe trapping and hunting stories, of…
Mary Kailek’s storytelling starts off with some of the latter story repeated from the previous story of when she was younger around Christmas time then Mary continues sharing her memories: of when she just had two children when her son Alex Kaglik…
Mary Kailek is continuing to share her memories from 1942 and 1943 of: she and her family’’s activities such as hunting, trapping, of various people, of their travels, of going to Aklavik for Easter, Peffer’s Hotel, Banksland people who flew to…
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