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Persis Gruben is telling her life stories of her birth place, of their travels with her parents, of when her mom got sick, of the Eastern Inuit (Qangmalit) visiting: who had different clothing and a different language and who practised shamanism, of…
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling about his life stories from January 1925 to July 1926.
Radio host, Ishmael Alunik, introduces Abe Auktalik Okpik who interviews Elder Elijah Harley about his hunting and trapping, in his younger days, sparked by a public meeting the day before.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews with Billy Day about his employment and with foster care and or the adoption process as well as his first jobs when Inuvik first started up.
Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik continues his stories of when Inuvik was first being built with rapid lifestyle changes affecting everyone. Jessie Amos is interviewed in English about the bannock and tea boiling contest, followed by Ishmael…
Host of A Native Voice Victor Allen is speaking to and encouraging the people about the importance of meeting attendance, becoming informed, and expressing concerns in matters concerning Inuvialuit and Gwich'in livelihood, in light of oil and gas…
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