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Qivig is a time for dancing, bartering, and trading. Alaska celebrates the Qivig through speeches, visual displays, drumming, and dancing.
This video shows people hunting beluga whales by Nalgugiak, East Whitefish, NT and preparing the meat and muktuk. The video is mostly in Inuvialuktun.
This is a video about Inuvialuktun language camps held on the land in the summer. It includes interviews with people talking about the camps and shows children learning Inuvialuktun and how to live on the land.
A video of a drum dancing workshop in Paulatuk. The video includes clips from the workshop as well as interviews with Edward Ruben, Bertha Ruben, and Yvonne Dillon.
A video about reviving drum dancing. It includes drum dance performances and interviews with drum dancers and instructors about the importance of drum dancing, its history, and their experiences.
This video shows people hunting beluga whales by Kendall Island, NT. The video is mostly in Inuvialuktun.
This is a video of Elder Sheba Selamio (Qarrun) talking about what her life was like living on the land. She explains how the people made their living by hunting, trapping, and fishing; how they preserved food; and the games they would play.
This is a video of Elder Sarah Meyook telling a story her aunt told her about an incident between the Dene and Inuit that took place a long time ago at Running River. She also talks about what it was like living in Shingle Point when she was young…
This is a video of Elder Lena Wolki talking about her life growing up and living on the land. She tells stories about how they used to hunt, fish, trap and prepare and preserve food for the winter.
The first part of this video shows Elder Sarah Meyook and Elder Sheba Selamio being interviewed about traditional activities in the past. The second part of the video is a segment of “Nanuk Says” which is about the history of, and attractions in,…
This is a video of a brain tanning workshop which took place four miles outside of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, on the eastern arm of the Mackenzie River at the camp of Lucy Adams. It contains clips from the workshop and is narrated by Robert…
This is a video of Kaktakniaktoat (Herring Harvest) near Tuktoyaktuk. It includes clips from the harvest and explains the different methods of using nets to harvest herring. It also shows Elder David Nasogaluak talking about how he used to harvest…
This is a video about beluga whaling. It first shows an archaeological dig of an old whaling camp at Cache Point, N.T. and then shows Ned Kayotuk teaching Daniel Apsimik how to hunt beluga whales on the Beaufort Sea at Nalgugiak, East White Fish. It…
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