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Uummarmiutun basic language lesson on hunting.
Kangiryuarmiutun basic language lesson on hunting.
A video account of traditional hunting skills and appropriate harvesting procedures to ensure the preservation of the beluga whale.

ICS Harvesting the Beluga -English--H
A video account of traditional hunting skills and appropriate harvesting procedures to ensure the preservation of the beluga whale.

99 12 T Food Hunting and Gathering-H
Video interviews with Elders on their expertise on how to prepare traditional food, and harvesting techniques.
Donald Kaglik retells his Uncle Kimiksan's story. Morris Nigiyok speaks of past winter and summer camps, festivals, games, and family.
A video depicting cultural games; fishing techniques.
Segments sharing the culture, tradition, and tourist attractions of the region. Updates on natural gas adoption.

99 09 S Parks Canada Inuvik Video Nunaptigun Qimaksavut Billy Day Dennis Inglangasak-H
Parks Canada Inuvik Video; Nunaptigun Qimaksavut; Billy Day Dennis Inglangasak.
Interviews explaining the 2 year project to create data surrounding fisheries and spawning grounds partnered with Elder interviews.
Ted Wesley shares traditional knowledge like ice fishing, fire building, trapping, etc.
Video features the Inuvialuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) Annual General Meeting and the inaugeration of the new president and vice president at the time.
Grade 3 and 4 students from Sir Alexander Mackenzie school leave for three days and two nights to a cultural camp to learn basic survival skills, firearms awareness, cultural elements, etc.
A video interviewing various Elders in the area of Aklavik in Inuvialuktun.
This is video is divided into three parts: the first depicts the events at the Kiddie Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik, the second discusses tourism in the delta area, and the third is a shorter video with Victor Allen showing the audience how to forage…
A promotional video describing the North West Territories pavilion at the 1986 World's Fair, which was hosted by Vancouver.
An interview with Sam Raddi about the changing society. Here, he compares the traditional way of living to the modern day culture.
An interview Edgar Kotokak, who describes living in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
This is a video of a brain tanning workshop which took place four miles outside of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, on the eastern arm of the Mackenzie River at the camp of Lucy Adams. It contains clips from the workshop and is narrated by Marjorie…
A video of Joe Apian describing his experiences living and travelling around the Circumpolar World. Among the discussed topics are: drum dancing, hunting, harvesting, and other various traditional activities.
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