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Qummana is telling a story about Fred Carpenter during the 1921/22 era.
Alice Agnaoyak is storytelling of when she was a small child, of always going out hunting with her father, of hunting stories and more. Part 1. To be continued.
Persis Gruben is continuing her storytelling of the lifestyle changes, about traveling with her parents long ago and later with her children when her husband was hospitalised, of her traditional teachings, of wildlife hunted, of the oil companies…
Native Language Programming airs Donald Kaglik, Ida Aleekuk, and Peter Thrasher telling stories and or sending greetings. Donald is speaking about the negative changes he saw after returning from school such as children disprecting parents and…
Long Time Ago host,Ishmael Alunik is telling stories about the numerous Inupiat and the Inuvialuit cultural and traditional knowledge teachings passed on generationally to the young.
Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik is telling a story of being born and raised in the Yukon near the Alaskan border before moving to the Mackenzie Delta.
Edgar Kotokak then Jimmy Komeak are telling lifestyle stories and being interviewed by an unidentified interviewer.
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