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The photo shows several elders sitting and kneeling on some rocks playing the ring toss game. The photo includes: Left to Right: Jane Esau, James Gordon, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, Identified Person.

The photo shows a group of women sitting and kneeling on some rocks with a child standing up and a tent in the background. The photo includes: Front row-left to right: Jane Esau, James Gordon, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, Back Row-left to right:…

The photo shows a few tents on the shore of the bay with a boat tied up on shore.

The photo shows a tent frame structure with a couple of barrels around it.

The image shows a bunch of people outside enjoying the events that are going on.

The photo shows a couple men by a tent with a dog sled team from the air.

The photo shows a man sitting down inside some kind of tent frame structure, trying to open a tool box.

The photos shows a couple of men putting on a cover to some kind of tent like structure.

The photo shows a couple of men taking down a tent like structure by a skidoo.

The image shows a couple of men putting up a tent beside a skidoo.

The image shows a big hole in the ice with a sign saying "protected area" for whale research. We can also see a tent with a few supplies and a couple of people.

Duplicate. The image shows another class photo full of little kids, but this time the teacher is not in the photo. Everyone is unnamed.

The photo shows two men operating a saw to cut logs into boards from a different angle.

The photo shows two men operating a saw to cut logs into boards. Frank Stefansson is the man pictured in the background.

The photo shows a lumber yard with lots of logs and a couple of tent frame buildings. We also have twin lakes in the background with the utilidor as well.

The photo shows another group photo, but in front of a tent and a building and beside a couple other buidling. We also can see a few barrels beside the people in the photo who are also dressed in traditional clothing.

The photo is the same as N82-003-0018 in the same collection. A photo that includes Mabel Kaputan (Morris Niriyiuk's wife), Elsie Nilighaq, Ida Ivaraluk, Rosie Qiuqvihaq/Qinqviqhaaq; all sitting on something.

A photo that includes Emma Inugauraq, Margret Tangiq Igutak, Margret Halukhit, Mabel Kaputan. They are standing outside a tent frame, they are dressed in traditional clothes.

A photo of Roy Inuktalik and Andy Aquariuq standing in front of tent on rocks with two guns beside them.

The image shows a tent and a sled loaded right up with supplies.

The image shows a tent with a man doing something with some logs and a boy with a bow at Reid Island (Qiqiktanayuq).

A photo of Emma Ikiyuna, Nora Hayulurak/Hayulaq(?), Kulinuk(raised Nora) sitting down inside a tent resting.

A photo of Nora Hayulaq/Hayulaaq (Jimmy Memoran’s wife), Emma Ikiyuna, and Sam Kuniluk all drinking tea and having something to eat.

A photo of Simone Goose (adopted by Diamond & Christina Klengenberg) Nasarnik pulling Louie Goose on a little sled.

The image shows a couple of snowhouses and a tent out on the land.
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