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Charlie Smith is telling a legend of how the raven got his wife in Iñupiatun then in English. Part 2. To be continued.
Agnes Nanogak is telling more legends and stories about seagulls, about Arctic Char Fishing and Seal Hunting, about some old historic places that were found that were quite deep in the ground and the old houses were excavated where old tools, mostly…
Agnes Nanogak is telling stories and legends about Qayauyani of how copper came to the land, about a couple who packed up their gear as they prepared to go on a long hike up inland, a story about an old couple, about noisy children during seal…
Native Language Programming airs Donald Kaglik, Ida Aleekuk, and Peter Thrasher telling stories and or sending greetings. Donald is speaking about the negative changes he saw after returning from school such as children disprecting parents and…
Elders Edith Hoagak, Elmira Soupay, Rosie Peeloolook, and Ishmael Alunik Send Greetings and Speak to Family and Friends on the Inuit Program.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Agnes Carpenter about her family kinship, and personal life history and stories in English. They also view and discuss contents of photographs. Part 1. To be continued.
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