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Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Shirley Elias interviews Alec Banksland about his lifestyle long ago, about how Inuvialuit lived long ago, and about his dad’s travels with the Steffansson’s expedition. Note: audio is sometimes low. They also interview Alec about traditional…
Shirley Elias and Murielle Nagy interview Jimmy Memogana about his lifestyle and his travels long ago, as well as stories from his younger days. Jimmy also sings a song in Inuvialuktun. They also discuss traditional place names.
Shirley Elias completes the interview with Sam Oliktoak then another person interviews Nicholas Uluariuk about his lifestyle and memories from his younger days.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Sarah Kuptana and Edith Haogak about their lifestyles and stories from their younger days. Note: audio sometimes is very low. Murielle and and another unidentified speaker are suddenly heard…
Inuvialuktun host, Ishmael Suuyuq Alunik, introduces William Kuptana who is storytelling about his lifestyle when he was a young man, of when Inuvialuit gathered together including their traditional hunting and fishing methods prior to Whiteman…
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