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Adam Emaghok then Joseph Avik are interviewed about their lifestyles long ago. They also share stories and memories from their younger days.
Alice Agnaoyak is completing her final life story of their nomadic lifestyle when she was young, of being very fearful when she first saw people drinking alcohol, of when the Dewline was first starting up, and more. Final, Part 9.
Alice Agnaoyak is continuing her stories of her younger days of polar bear hunting with her parents and her husband, of an airplane story, of food poisoning resulting in illnesses and deaths, and more. Part 3. To be continued.
Alice Agnaoyak is reminiscing of the fun nomadic lifestyle they used to live long ago that included a lot of traveling out on the land and camping compared to nowadays, where she says they just stay inside sitting in the houses with little to do and…
Annie Emaghok is sharing a story that her mother told her of the very challenging times that she has endured long ago as well as stories from when she was young. After a short period of silence, Betty Cockney’s storytelling was already in progress…
Kenneth Peeloolook is telling a story about dog trouble in the community that went from bad to worse causing fear in the community due to anger and revenge resulting in murders. Part one. To be continued.
Edgar Kotokak and Andy Cockney are telling oldtime stories including their lifestyle stories while speaking with the unidentified interviewer.
Eva Raddi is being interviewed about her lifestyle long ago by an unidentified interviewer followed by Noah Felix who is also being interviewed about his lifestyle long ago. They also share personal life stories.
Bessie Lennie is storytelling of when they first went to Ikaahuk, Banks Island when she was a young girl, of thier’s and other’s travels for hunting, fishing, Easter, Christmas, of sharing and trading with visitors, of the traditional clothing…
Frank Cockney continues interviewing Freeman Kimiksana about their traditional lifestyle long ago during the 1930’s to 1950’s era. Audio ends abruptly. Part 5A. To be continued.
Frank Cockney continues interviewing Freeman Kimiksana completing part 5 of lifestyle long ago including the early missions and stores trading and bringing staples from the South. Part 5B to be continued.
Frank Cockney continues interviewing Tom Avakgak about his travels, hunting, trapping, and life stories. Final Part 7 and part 8.
Frank Cockney is speaking with unidentified interviewer about his lifestyle long ago from his younger days followed by Andy Cockney who also shares personal lifestories from his younger days. Another unidentified speaker occasionally adds to the…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his trapping stories, of his travels with his family, of going to the store with his dogsled and purchasing dry goods, of caring for their dogs and dog teams, of his 10 to 12 year old son hunting small game, of…
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories of her lifestyle when she was younger, of their travels, of trapping, getting and sawing wood, getting ice, and more. Part 2. To be continued.
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories of her younger days, of when she got married, of traveling for Christmas, of a young girl passing away, of trapping, and more.
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories from long ago, of hunting stories, of the Christmas Gathering at Ikaahuk (Sachs Harbour), of all the people going to the store, of the dancing, and more. Part 5. To be continued.
Kenneth Peeloolook is sharing his memories of his younger days in Alaska and in Canada of his life experiences, part one. To be continued.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about his life stories during the year 1924 including when he was sick that year with the flu. Part 1. To be continued. Note: The audio is very low so it’s hard to hear what he is saying for the last ten to eleven…
Ivy Raddi is continuing her life stories and sharing memories of her younger days, Part 2. To be continued. it changes to English programming at the 45:33 minute mark
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