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Hornaday River Camp blown down by big storm (Nov '73)0.jpg
A photo of sleds and a snowmobile covered with canvas to protect from snowstorm at Hornaday River in 1973.

A photo of several people at the start line of a dogsled race.

A photo of two dogsled teams going for a run at Ren Lake.

A photo of a man holding a child beside a log cabin.

A photo of C.V. Rowan, Father Bulliard, and Ernest Donovan standing by a sled with buildings in the background.

A photo of Harry Taliriktuk, Ernest Donovan, Mr. Webster (Anglican minister), and Victor Ikutaq (Rufu Niriunaq’s husband) sitting on a loaded sled.

A photo of George, Masu, Taluk (also called Napayuq) with walking sticks, standing in front of a loaded sled.

A photo of Luke Milukshuk standing by a loaded sled with an unknown woman at the far right.
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