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A photo of Clara Gully and Agnes Semmler at Jim Koe Park.

A photo of a group of people around a table, and two of the people are shaking hands. The photo includes John Banksland, Sharon Gruben, Roger Gruben, Agnes Semmler, Agnes Nanogak, and Anita Pokiak.

A photo of Agnes Semmler from Inuvik sitting down on a chair with some kind of fur hanging up behind her.

The photo shows Daisy Harrison, Agnes Semmler, and Maggie Day-Hope Gordon (in background) sitting down and kneeling on the floor.
Coverage of the first annual Wallace Goose award ceremony in Tuktoyaktuk. Recipients are Nellie Cournoyea, Agnes Semmler, and and Agnes Goose (Nanogak).
Interview with Agnes Semmler.
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