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Musk Ox - Banks Island0.jpg
Image of three Muskox grazing and hills as backdrop in the distance

Sachs Harbour - at airstrip (Feb '73)0.jpg
Image of a shack with snow bank at airstrip in Sachs Harbour

Sachs Harbour - Disabled C-46 at Airstrip (May '74)0.jpg
Image of disabled airplane on snow at the airstrip in Sachs Harbour

Sachs Harbour - road from Airstrip (May '74)0.jpg
Image of Sachs Harbour with road from airstrip and kid swinging at playground

Sachs Harbour, Shoreline - Harbour (May '74)0.jpg
Image of the schooner Fox on the shore with shoreline and harbour in background

MOT - Sachs Harbour (Feb '73)0.jpg
Image of buildings during winter in Sachs Harbour 1973 - orginal title: MOT - Sachs Harbour
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