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A photo of Nellie Cournoyea standing up in a nice traditional parka, holding a torch of some sort. We also can see a police officer and a couple others at the Canada Trail Opening.

A photo of a RCMP Officer dancing on stage with a few others standing around him. The photo includes: 1. Leslie Gordon, 2. Glen Gordon, 3. Priscilla Kayotuk.

A photo of the RCMP Building in the summer time. Credit: Martha Harry Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 133.jpg
Anglican Residence, St. Luke’s Anglican Church and the RCMP Detachment in Old Crow (from back to front).
Persis Gruben continues to tell stories of she and her family’s travels, of various families and people, of the big houses belonging to the police and Hudson’s Bay, of various the types of homes that Inuvialuit lived in, of the big flu that…
Persis Gruben continues storytelling about her younger days with her parents, of she and her family’s many travels, of fishing, hunting and gathering for food when living a traditional nomadic life,. She also speaks of fatal illness, of when the…
A video of three RCMP officers speaking about why they joined the force, their favourite duties, challenges, and advice for youth interested in joining the RCMP. At the end of the video, a portion of Suaangan’s 2001 Bloopers Program is shown.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Aliknak Banksland about his family genealogy with some help from an unidentified interpreter. Cathy also interviews Aliknak about he and his family’s lifestyles longago.
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