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A photo of Marion Bolt sitting on the ground holding one of her girls with the other one sitting on the ground beside her.

A photo of Marion Bolt sitting down on the ground with two little girls sittng in front of her.

The photo shows a view of the land around Kugluktuk as well as the Coppermine River.

A photo of a man sitting at the bank of the Steward River, looking toward the river.

The photo shows a man standing in a boat with a gas can getting ready to load the can in the boat or remove it.

The photo shows a couple of boats on the shore of a river.

The photo shows a man in the canoe with the town of Mayo in the background.

The photo shows the town of Mayo from a canoe that is in the middle of the river that is very clam with mountains in the background.

The photo shows the town of Mayo from across a river that is very clam with mountains in the background.

The photo shows the Fish Traps that cover part of a river at Klukshu.

The photo is a close up of the Tununuk wellsite area from the sky.

The photo shows the tununuk wellsite area from the air at a far distance.

The image shows a horseshoe bend in a river with ice. The photo was taken from a airplane.

The image shows a river and a channel to a lake with a layer of ice on it.

A aerial photo of the delta outcrop behind Norris Camp. We can see a few lakes and the mackenzie river in the photo.

The photo shows a few Aklavik Husky Schooners in the river and tied up on shore.

The image shows a building which is the N.T. Post at Aklavik. A few people are standing out side the post.

The image shows a summer camp that is made up of a few tents and a log cabin. We can also see that the shore is full of boats. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a boat called “Itiyaq” surround by ice on the river during spring time. Garret Nutik stands on the boat. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a couple of conoes with a group of men that are getting some drift wood, as well as a pack of dogs on the shore. Credit: Martha Harry
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