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The photo shows a Inuvialuk Researcher, Renie Arey interviewing Inuvialuk elder David Roland at Shingle Point .

The image shows a couple of whales poping up for a visit in the ice whole and going back down right away.

The image shows a man standing next to some equipment that is near the open water for the whale study.

The phot shows a man next to a wall looking down at the whole of open water.

The photo shows a couple of whales diving down from the hole in the ice for the whale research.

The photo shows a big group of people getting together to have a feast at a nice long table.

The image shows a close up of the sign "warning protected area" for the whale study.

The image shows a big hole in the ice with a sign saying "protected area" for whale research. We can also see a tent with a few supplies and a couple of people.

Duplicate. The image shows another class photo full of little kids, but this time the teacher is not in the photo. Everyone is unnamed.
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