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A photo of Jack Goose and Denis Avagana pulling a bear out of the water.

A photo of Big Jim Rogers (Umigluk), Roy Wolki, and Susie Wolki with a polar bear during a hunt.

Timothy Lennie with the skins(?) of polar bears shot on polar bear hunt.

The image shows Tim Lennie and Wallace skinning a polar bear.

Fred Carpenter, Geddes Wolki, Bill Benedek and Peter Esau in a boat taking pictures of polar bear in harbor. Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 139.jpg
A photo of a polar bear running in the snow.
Jim Edwards is completing his Christmas story in English followed by Jean Tardiff who is also telling a Christmas story in Inuvialuktun then Louie Goose reads some Jean’s story in English. Louie then tells a short story in English then introduces…
Mary Kailek is storytelling of her many travels, of various people, of the types of animals harvested, of her concerns of the new wildlife officer’s regulations and governance during that era, clothing and other items made from animal skins, of…
Frank Kuptana is telling old time stories of how people lived long ago of how people hunted, fished, and gathered for their food long ago, living a totally traditional lifestyle compared to today with help now a days from the government, with people…
Frank Kuptana is telling more stories and describes the traditional lifestyle that people lived long ago, of how they lived long ago hunting and fishing and describes the geographical lay out of the land and rivers, of lifestyle differences of the…
Frank Kuptana is storytelling about the way of life long ago with fishing, hunting seals, caribou, and polar bears, traditional clothing that was made, the clean snow houses that were made, the traditional food, homemade storage containers for the…
Frank Kuptana is storytelling from when he started remembering when he was young of his way of life and culture long ago of their travels, of traditional hunting methods, fishing, of traditional clothing, of traditional food, of the fun drum dances,…
Bessie Lennie is telling stories of how she loved traveling around with her husband such as when they chartered a plane to Glenale, Victoria Island and lived alone there until their friends, the Inuktaliks, joined them later. She also talks of how…
William Kuptana is interviewed by his daughter Rosemary Kuptana about how he and others lived long ago when he was younger, about their hunting and fishing methods, about their traditional hunting and fishing handcrafted tools, about their shelters,…
Alice Agnaoyak is telling stories of she and her husband’s trapping and traveling days when the Dewline first started up, of polar bear encounter stories, caribou hunting stories, many travels and much more. Part 4. To be continued.
Alice Agnaoyak is continuing her stories of her younger days of polar bear hunting with her parents and her husband, of an airplane story, of food poisoning resulting in illnesses and deaths, and more. Part 3. To be continued.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about his life stories during the year 1925.
Persis Gruben continues to tell stories of her life experiences of when she was young living and travelling with her parents and siblings, of a gunshot accident, of hunting and trapping stories, of traditional first aid and healing methods, of a…
Kenneth Peeloolook is sharing his memories of when he was a young man in Alaska of his life experiences, part two. To be continued.
CHAK’s A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose introduces Jim Wolki and Father Le Meur where Jim is telling part three of The Long Crossing story in English. To be continued.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about his life stories, his travels and experiences including challenging times during 1912 and 1913.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about hunting and trapping long ago on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about his travels as early as 1913 as well as hunting and trapping stories, and more on the A Long Time Ago program.
CHAK’s A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose introduces Jim Wolki and Father Le Meur where Jim is telling the final part six of The Long Crossing story. Father Le Meur then interviews Jim about his successful trapping days when he was younger.
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