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The photo shows a couple picture frames on a wall that include the ''Red and Blue Affection'' by Keith Appel from Anchorage, ''Animal on the Mountain'' by Gerald Conoway from Anchorage, and the ''Sunset'' by Bryan Grove from Juneau; Arctic Art.

The photo shows a painting that shows the ''Yukon Evening'' by Ted Harrison, Arctic Art.

The photo shows two framed paintings hung on a wall, including ''Boy & Girl in outside'' by Eric Anoce from Eskimo Point, and ''Tutak'' by Mona Thrasher, from Inuvik. Arctic Art.

The photo shows two framed photos on a wall that include the ''Op Moose'' created by Wm. Kimura from Anchorage and a ''Inukshuk at Pelly Bay''- Bill Skuce fromFt. Smith, Arctic Art.

The photo shows a Colour Drawing by Kalvak, Arctic Art.

The photo shows a painting that display ''Cutting Walrus at Floe Edge'' painted by Celina Ayarak from Igloolik, Arctic Art.

The photo shows some ''Beaver Skin" being stretched by Bern Will Brown from Colville Lake, Arctic Art.

The photo shows a picture of a ''Shaman at Work'', painted by Kiveturuk Moses from Nome, Arctic Art.

The photo shows a couple of kids that include Michael, Carol, and Stevie sitting down on a couch inside.

A photo of Wendy Bradshaw, Co-ordinator at the Crafts North of 60, standing up by two framed pictures.
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