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A photo of Edward Lennie receiving an award and shaking hands with a woman who is giving him his award. At the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of a crowd of people doing the Blanket Toss in Jim Koe park in Inuvik.

A photo of a Tea Boiling contest in Jim Koe park in Inuvik.

A photo of Roy Ipana and Buck Dick competiting against each other in Indian Stick Pull at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of William Day and Buck Dick competing against each other in a northern game called Indian Stick Pull.

A photo of Pat Tingmiak demonstrating/ competiting in a one arm reach nothern game.

The photo shows a man attempting to do a High Kick in Jim Koe park with many people watching him.

The photo shows a Body Weight Contest with people from Inuvik at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

The photo shows a view of a man performing the High Kick at the northern games in Inuvik.

The photo shows a kayak race on the Mackenzie River in Inuvik.

The photo shows a seal skinning competition in Inuvik.

A photo of Robert Torangeau from Norman Wells getting ready to throw a harpoon for a competition.

The photo shows Jerry Allen and Mickey Gordon performing the Arm Pull northern game.

The photo shows William Day and Jerry Allen Kisoun performing the Stick Pull northern game.

The photo shows a woman skinning a seal with a man next to her with a camera, as well as a crowd of people watching her.

The photo shows a dead seal liad out on a plastic sheet, most likely for a seal skinning contest. We can also see a lady bending over preparing to do something to the seal with an audience around her.

The photo shows Jane Charlie from Ft. McPherson skinning rat in a competition. We can also see another competition going on in the background, along with SAMS school.

The photo shows a few people doing the blanket toss in Jim Koe Park with others looking on.

The photo shows people sitting on the floor and on chairs observing an event.

The photo shows Pat Tingmiak doing the one arm reach game with someone sitting on his feet.
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