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The first half of this video depicts describes the company Norterra and the operations of its subsidiaries. The second half of the video shows the Mad Trapper Rendezvous events that took place in Aklavik.
Video footage of the activities and competitions of the Mad Trapper Rendezvous. The main highlight is the gun shooting competition that was hosted to raise money for ducks unlimited. The video ends by revealing the natural scenery in Aklavik.
Highlights from the 1989 Mad Trapper Rendezvous like snowmobile racing, show shoe racing, drumming, singing, jigging, and games.
A video recording the Mad Trapper Rendezvous of 1988, a set of games that are all reminiscent of the skills needed to live off of the land. Depicted events include: dog races, muskrat skinning, biscuit eating, bottle sucking, log sawing, and hockey.
Highlights from the games and races from the 1987 Mad Trapper Rendezvous featuring an interview with James Maring Jr.
A video covering the Beluga Jamboree, Muskrat Jamboree, and Mad Trapper Rendevous.
A video documenting the Mad Trapper Rendevous in Aklavik. It includes games such as: nail driving, egg throw, and the egg and spoon race from various devisions.
Various musical performers show their talents at the 2003 Mad Trapper Rendezvous.
Musical performances and dog races from the 2003 Mad Trapper Rendevous in Aklavik. Dean McLeod receives an award for his dedication to the community.
Performances, games, and landscapes: the second half of the 2003 Mad Trapper Rendezvous footage in Aklavik.
The first half of this video is an interview with Glenna Hansen, Commissioner of the NWT. She recalls her childhood growing up in Aklavik and her current career. The second half of the video depicts the events frfom the 2000 Mad Trapper Rendezvous.
History of the Dempster highway featuring interviews and tourist highlights.
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