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A photo of Sarah Meyook holding Laura, the little boy is Jimmy, we also can see Fred on the house in the backgorund.

A photo of a man standing in the doorway of a log cabin.

The photo shows a log cabin that is surround by trees.

The photo shows a nice old log house in the summer time with grass all around the house.

A photo of Jimmy Gordon by a log cabin in the winter.

The image shows a man holding a child by a log cabin. We can also see a few trees and a sled in the photo.

A photo of Bobby Gruben and Roger Gruben playing the guitar with a young kid beside one of the boys.

The image shows two men with their arms around a third man up against a log building. The photo includes: left to right: Tom Kimiksana, Kelly Ovayuak and Noah Felix.

A photo of John Raddi and Noah Felix leaning against a log cabin. The pair are wearing traditional clothing that includes a parka and a pair of mukluks.

A photo of Noah and Joseph Felix standing by a log cabin. The pair are wearing parkas and a pair of rubber boots.

The image shows a summer camp that is made up of a few tents and a log cabin. We can also see that the shore is full of boats. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a group of men posing for a photo in front of a couple of log buildings. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Bessie Irish with her grandparents Kingmaq and John Kuviran with a log cabin in the background. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a camp across the river in the summer time. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo is taken at a place called “AKULIQ”. In the photo we can see a few people, along with a log cabin. Women with back to us - Carrie Adam (Paul Adam’s mom), women in white parkav- (“Korra”?) Bessie Wolki’s sister{Isaac’s 1st…

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk's cabin and a few other log cabins, as well as a tent in the Delta. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a group of people and a log cabin in background that belonged to Aileen Okpik. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Isaac Simon and Persis Gruben in white parka standing infront of log cabins. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of two teachers at Shingle Point mission site in the early 1930s. Left to Right: Mrs. Shepard (nee Letham), Mrs. Court. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Garrett Nutik, (Jeannie Lennie Mom's first husband) and Ella Phillips-(Clara Philiips Mom). Credit: Martha Harry
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