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Information provided in 1996 during Aulavik Oral History Project.

The photo shows a few people sitting and standing by a post. We can also see a few building and lots of barrels. The photo includes Sarah Gruben, Persis Gruben, Agnes Gruben, Margaret Lennie, Sam Lennie, Charlie Gruben.

The image shows a few men sitting on a dog sled in traditional clothes with snowhouses and tents in the background. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Okpik Allen, Sam Lennie (hold by Owen Okpik), Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie …

A photo of young Sam Lennie sitting in the bushes in traditional clothing. Credit: Martha Harry

Group photo: Back row, left to right: Fred Carpenter, Mr. Harcorn(?), Mrs. Harcorn(?). Second row, left to right: Lennie Inglangasuk, his wife Sarah Lennie holding their son Sam Lennie, unidentified woman, Persis (née Lennie) Gruben, Lucy (née…
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