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A photo of Jean Tardiff and Dwight Noseworthy looking at land claims in Aklavik.
Frank Cockney is storytelling of when he was working for the oil company in Tuktoyaktuk, of his holidays, and of when he’d work on first winter road construction in 1967, of working with Caucasion people, of when he began working for the land…
Frank Cockney is storytelling for the next generations to hear, and says this generation is different, of when he went to Tuktoyaktuk, of learning about the animals and fish and the traditional lifestyle from his grandparents, of when he was younger,…
Saturday Afternoon Inuit Show host Victor Allen airs Sam Raddi gving a COPE meeting update then Alice Thrasher speaks to family and friends and sends greetings. Victor provides regional news. Kane Tologanak speaks about community activities. …
Saturday Eskimo Request Show host Victor Allen airs Donald Kaglik singing a song about the Mad Trapper followed by Betty Cockney sending greetings. Felix Nuyaviaq is describing his trip to Anchorage, Alaska, and Donald Kaglik is speaking about how…
Sam Raddi is providing a report on the topics discussed at the Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami (ITK) meeting that he attended in Igloolik, Nunavut with other Inuit and Inuvialuit leaders, and delegates from throughout Canada
Elders M. Kalinek, Agnes Kayotuk, Almira Soupay, Mark Noksana, Dora Malegana, and Jane Esau speak to and send greetings to family and friends.
Interview with Jack Alanak on language, culture, and hospital followed by Robert Kuptana speaking with Charlie Avakana who is telling an old time story and interview on language, culture, food, education, land, and land claims, etc.
An interview Edgar Kotokak, who describes living in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
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