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A photo of Alice Husky sitting down on the floor with a knife in her hand, we also can see musical instruments in the back ground.

A photo of Albert Palvik and Ruth Nigeonak cutting a cake with people all around them.
Frank Kuptana is storytelling about the way of life long ago with fishing, hunting seals, caribou, and polar bears, traditional clothing that was made, the clean snow houses that were made, the traditional food, homemade storage containers for the…
Agnes Nanogak is telling more legends and stories about seagulls, about Arctic Char Fishing and Seal Hunting, about some old historic places that were found that were quite deep in the ground and the old houses were excavated where old tools, mostly…
John Holman, host of the A Long Time Ago program, airs Raddi Koiksak telling short stories and legends followed by Jorgen Klengenberg telling old time stories.
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