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A photo of a RCMP Officer dancing on stage with a few others standing around him. The photo includes: 1. Leslie Gordon, 2. Glen Gordon, 3. Priscilla Kayotuk.

The photo shows a few people dancing in front of a crowd of people. The photo includes: 1. Marie Jacobson, 2. Mary Ruth Kayotuk, 3. Jimmy John Meyook, 4. Marjorie Baetz, 5. Margo Meyook, 6. Priscilla Kayotuk, 7. Carol D. Arey, 8. Delma Kisoun, 9.…

The photo shows the mackenzie drum dance group performing a song. The photo includes: Alec Gordon Drum Dance Group. 1. Priscilla Kayotuk, 2. Colin Gordon, 3. Robert Arey, 4. Andrew Gordon, 5. Danny A. Gordon, 6. Alec Gordon
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