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Unidentified drummers and singers are singing Inuvialuit drum songs. The recording is disrupted shortly after the 7 minute mark then it suddenly stops at the 7:26 minute mark.
Frank Cockney is storytelling for future generations to hear. Frank is telling stories about when he started running his business, of the trials and errors of learning how to run a business, of trapping with Eddy, of his previous Heavy Equipment…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his travels, of various families, where they lived, of fun times when he and others would hunt together and race back home with their dogs, of playing poker with whitefoxes, of treacherous ice and open water…
Laura Lucas is telling her life stories. Part 1. To be continued.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling of their travels, hunting, fishing, and trapping during 1939 and 1940. Audio has a lot of static in background.
The People Speak host Rosie Albert interiews Michael Amos, Bessie Amos, and Susie Tiktalik about the Elder’s prophecy of White people coming to Canada and taking over and polluting land and waters as their own. The Elders also talk about oil…
A Long Time Ago host, Ishmael Alunik, airs Johnny Ruben storytelling. Johnny is telling a legend told by the Eastern Arctic Inuit about Shamans followed by a short story of their missing friend.
Elder Johnny Ruben is storytelling about how Inuvialuit people lived long ago, always busy preparing for hunting and fishing, and preserving food to last for the year, Christmas gatherings, and more.
Christina Noksana is continuing her personal life story, part 3. To be continued.
Abe Auktalik Okpik provides an explanation of a meeting between Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami and the Prime Minister regarding ITK’s position on land and land use and other issues on the C.H.A.K. Western Arctic program.
A Native Voice host Victor Allen is speaking about the new CBC radio program called A Native Voice as well as speaking about current affairs and the news in Inuvialuktun.
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