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William Kuptana, Agnes Nanogak Goose, and Edward Ruben speak of Elder traditions.
A segment on Wayne Merry, a search and rescue trainer, and explanations of the techniques used in these emergencies. He explains how traditional knowledge is invaluable in the recovery of lost individuals. Good Times Band members James Rogers,…
Floyd Roland discussion on the events in the Yellowknife legislature. Ends with performance by the Good Time Band.
Updates from all Inuvialuit Community Corporations. Interview with Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Chair and Chief Executive Director, Nellie Cournoyea.
A program that explores multiple stories within the region. Tour of Moose Kerr School under renovation. Feature Elder, Ruth Negeonak tells story about hunting caribou. Community Health forum.
Interview with Hillary Greening of Parks Canada regarding the review of the Ivavik Park Plan. Interviews with community members about fishing conservation. Feature Elder, Mary Evik Ruben, tells the story of when she first say an airplane.
Segments included are a self government update with Bob Simpson; feature Elder, Leonard Harry; Game Council update Duane Smith; Elders fitness club.
This video presents an interview with Holman Printer's print shop manager. It continues by going through the process of print making. The video ends with a speech from Ethel Blondin-Andrew about the International Year for the Ocean Project.
Interviews explaining the 2 year project to create data surrounding fisheries and spawning grounds partnered with Elder interviews.
Highlights and interviews surrounding the 1997 Billy Joss Open, a golf tournament in Holman.
Interview with the mayor of Inuvik, George Roach and footage of jigging at Kitty Hall.
Video describes the Ulukhaktok Community with a focus on Education and features an interview with the mayor.
Highlights from the 1993 Kingalik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok. Video features interviews discussing sponsorship and other funding opportunities for the festival.
Interview with Ishmael Alunik and Aklavik talent show with various musical performances.
This video depicts the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. Features include: the feast, bottle sucking contest, parade, dog sled racing, ski doo racing, and various games.
Two interviews with two Paulatuk Elders who give accounts of growing up in Paulatuk.
The events surrounding the 1985 Kingolik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok featuring games, musical performances, and shots of the landscape.
Dr. Zoo visits Sir Alexander Mackenzie School to present the children with snakes, iguanas, turtles, and tarantulas.
A video of people performing and enjoying the Midway Lake Music Festival in Fort McPherson. Several performers and audience members are interviewed about the festival.
This video depicts the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. Features include: the feast, bottle sucking contest, parade, dog sled racing, ski doo racing, and various games.
A short video which gives the history of ICS and shows clips from previous Tamapta episodes.
The first part of this video is of Michael Amos speaking in Inuvialuktun, and the second part is an instructional video about how to make bread.
Highlights from the 1991 Kingalik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok. Video features an interview with Sam Green.
This video highlights the events at the Beluga Jamboree and depicts interviews with Tuk Elders Emmanuel Felix and Charlie and Persus Gruben.
This video introduces the Larga Home through interviews with employees and visitors. The second half of the video depicts the events of the 1989 McPherson Jamboree.
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