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A video of elders speaking about their lives in the North Slope Boreal Coast and Sam Green sharing a story about when he traveled from Herschel Island to Johnny Green Bay.
A video of Elder Silas Kangegana talking about his experiences herding reindeer in Reindeer Station, Northwest Territories.
A video of Elder Ruth Negeonak telling stories from her childhood and Elder Marcus Ruben fiddling, accompanied by Elder Norman Kudlak on guitar.
This first part of this video shows interviews with four Elders: Sarah Meyook, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, and Dora Malegana. They talk about their lives in the Delta and on the Coast. The second part of the video shows winners of the 1993 Mad…
A video of elders sending Christmas and New Year’s greetings in 1992 and some performances from the 1989 Moose Kerr School Christmas Concert in Aklavik.
This video shows the 6th Elders Conference, which took place during the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk in July 1992. It includes clips of people speaking at the conference as well as various performances.
The first part of this video is about the history of the igloo church (Our Lady of Victory) in Inuvik and how it was built. The second part of the video is an interview with Agnes Goose who speaks in Inuvialuktun about her artwork.
A video of people from Inuvik and Paulatuk sending Christmas greetings and elders speaking about what Christmas means to them.
A video of interviews with artists and organisers at the 2004 Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. The video also shows some of the art that was exhibited.
This is a video of Elder Sheba Selamio (Qarrun) talking about what her life was like living on the land. She explains how the people made their living by hunting, trapping, and fishing; how they preserved food; and the games they would play.
This video shows interviews with Elders Joe Nasogalliak, Raddi Koiksak, Silas Kangegana, Emmanuel Felix, Joseph Avik, Sam Raddi, and Freeman Kimiksana from Tuktoyakuk who have all passed on. They each tell short stories from their lives.
This is a video of Elder Geddes Wolki talking about growing up and living on the land. He talks about the different places he travelled to and how he hunted and trapped. The last few minutes of the video show a segment of “Nanuk Says” in…
This is a video of Elder Colin Allen talking about his life. He tells stories about growing up, the jobs he had, where he lived, and how he hunted, trapped, fished, and lived off of the land.
This is a video of an interview with Elder Andy Akoakhion from Ulukhaktok. He tells stories about his life; explains what life was like long ago; and describes how people used to hunt, fish and preserve the animals they caught.
This is a video of Elder William Kagyut and Elder Jean Kagyut talking about how they grew up on the land. They talk about hunting, fishing, food preservation, and some of the places they lived.
This video contains interviews with Elder Lena Danielson and Elder Annie Kunuk. They tell stories about their lives and talk about the different places they’ve lived.
This is a video of Elder David Roland talking about his life growing up and living around Holman Island.
A video of elders Rosie Albert, Jimmy Komeak, Jimmy Gordon, Adam Emahok, Annie Emahok, Annie C. Gordon, David Roland, Olga Roland, and Stanley Keevik telling stories about their families' experiences herding reindeer.
A video of Elders Annie and Adam Emahok talking about their experiences. Elder Annie Emahok gives marital advice while elder Adam Emahok talks about what it was like to herd reindeer and briefly talks about his marriage.
This is a video of Kaktakniaktoat (Herring Harvest) near Tuktoyaktuk. It includes clips from the harvest and explains the different methods of using nets to harvest herring. It also shows Elder David Nasogaluak talking about how he used to harvest…
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