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Frank Cockney is giving a COPE report about the national meeting he and two others attended in Toronto, Ontario.

99 09 S Parks Canada Inuvik Video Nunaptigun Qimaksavut Billy Day Dennis Inglangasak-H
Parks Canada Inuvik Video; Nunaptigun Qimaksavut; Billy Day Dennis Inglangasak.
Video footage of the activities and competitions of the Mad Trapper Rendezvous. The main highlight is the gun shooting competition that was hosted to raise money for ducks unlimited. The video ends by revealing the natural scenery in Aklavik.
After signing the Land Claims Agreement in 1984, the work of the Committee for the Original People's Entitlement (COPE) has come to a close. This video depicts the farewell
A video documenting the opening celebrations of the new Sittichinli Recreational Complex in Aklavik.
A video documenting the 1987 Kingalik Jamboree featuring musical performances, drum dancing, and games.
A promotional video describing the North West Territories pavilion at the 1986 World's Fair, which was hosted by Vancouver.
A video documenting the Mad Trapper Rendevous in Aklavik. It includes games such as: nail driving, egg throw, and the egg and spoon race from various devisions.
This video is part two of an Arctic Borderlines Ecological Co-op meeting in Kaktovik, Alaska. It focuses on how the porcupine caribou herd are affected by development, and includes questions from concerned members of the community.
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