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99 12 T Food Hunting and Gathering-H
Video interviews with Elders on their expertise on how to prepare traditional food, and harvesting techniques.
Interviews explaining the 2 year project to create data surrounding fisheries and spawning grounds partnered with Elder interviews.
Interview with Ishmael Alunik and Aklavik talent show with various musical performances.
Grade 3 and 4 students from Sir Alexander Mackenzie school leave for three days and two nights to a cultural camp to learn basic survival skills, firearms awareness, cultural elements, etc.
Two interviews with two Paulatuk Elders who give accounts of growing up in Paulatuk.
After signing the Land Claims Agreement in 1984, the work of the Committee for the Original People's Entitlement (COPE) has come to a close. This video depicts the farewell
A video documenting the opening celebrations of the new Sittichinli Recreational Complex in Aklavik.
The video begins with an inter view with Ray Ruben about the Ikhalukpik Jamboree. Following that, the video shows highlights of the events at the jamboree including shooting, jigging, and games. The video concludes with an interview with Anges Goose.
Events at the Holman Jamboree featuring races and jigging competition followed by an interview with Elder Tom Elanik Sr.
An interview Edgar Kotokak, who describes living in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
A video of Elder Persis Gruben (aka Persus Gruben) speaking about her experiences growing up and moving around to different places in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about how her family built shelters and what it was like to go to…
Two segments: one where Gabe Angre tells of is experiences with the land and the other with the sod turning for the site of the new hospital in Inuvik.
Interviews with Pauline Gordon, Fred Alunuk, and Edward Ruben followed by musical performances and jigging.
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