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A photo of Sarah Tingmiak sitting at a desk working on some fur. Also can seea sewing machine in the background

A photo of Slim Semmler stretching muskrats, well he is sitting down on a chair.

The photo shows a man dancing away with a few drummers playing in the Signing ceremony in Sachs. The photo includes: 1. Silas K. , 2. Old Raddi Kowachuk, 3. Alex Gordon, 4. Amos Paul, 5. Ralph Kimiksana, 6. Jean Arey.

A photo of Mary Kudlak using a ulu on some hide, with a couple of people standing around her.

The photo shows a couple of men standing together in a room with a couple of furs on the wall. The photo includes: Right: Mark Noksana.

A photo of Agnes Nigiyok (foreground) and Ida Kungayuna (background) in a room with many different kinds of fur on the table.

The photo shows a women in the Holman Crafts shop packing up some crafts into a box.

A photo of George Okheena Holman kneeling on the floor holding a fox fur with many more on the floor as well.

The photo shows Annie Nukon and Mary Kassi from Old Crow, Yukon skinning a rat.

The photo shows a woman in the middle of skinning a seal with plenty of on lookers.

The photo shows a woman in Jim Koe Park skinning a seal in front of on lookers.

The photo shows some ''Beaver Skin" being stretched by Bern Will Brown from Colville Lake, Arctic Art.

The photo shows a display that has many different types of fur hanging up on the wall, asking you to touch the fur.

The photo shows a woman working on skinning a seal in Inuvik, with a crowd watching her.

The photo shows a seal skinning competition in Inuvik.

The photo shows a woman skinning a seal with a man next to her with a camera, as well as a crowd of people watching her.

The photo shows a dead seal liad out on a plastic sheet, most likely for a seal skinning contest. We can also see a lady bending over preparing to do something to the seal with an audience around her.

The photo shows Jane Charlie from Ft. McPherson skinning rat in a competition. We can also see another competition going on in the background, along with SAMS school.

The photo shows a few women crafting some fur garments at the Tuk Fur Garment Shop.

The photo shows the Tuk Fur Garment Shop that inlcudes some mukluks, mitts, slippers, parkas, and a few other things.
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