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Kenneth Peeloolook continues his storytelling about their travels from Alaska in making their way towards Canada where they had planned to move to the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories. He shares about their journey, hunting, trapping,…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her younger days and she and her families travels to Banksland.
Elder Amos Tumma is speaking about Inuvialuit way of life today compared to Inuvialuit way of living when he was younger. He shares his thoughts and opinions of the lifestyle changes he has seen over the years and shares his wishes and advice for…
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling about his life stories from November 1922 to March 1923 then from March 1923 to September 1923.
Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik continues his stories of when Inuvik was first being built with rapid lifestyle changes affecting everyone. Jessie Amos is interviewed in English about the bannock and tea boiling contest, followed by Ishmael…
Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik is telling a story of being born and raised in the Yukon near the Alaskan border before moving to the Mackenzie Delta.
Agnes White completes her interview with her mother about her lifestyle, travels, and places she lived. Persis continues to share stories and memories from long ago. Final, part 3.
Agnes White continues interviewing her mother about her lifestyle, her travels, and places she lived. Persis also shares more stories from long ago. Part 2. To be continued.
Agnes White is interviewing Edith Haogak about where and how she and her family lived at various places long ago. Edith is also storytelling as she identifies many traditional place names.
Edgar Kotokak and Andy Cockney are telling oldtime stories including their lifestyle stories while speaking with the unidentified interviewer.
Annie Emaghok is sharing a story that her mother told her of the very challenging times that she has endured long ago as well as stories from when she was young. After a short period of silence, Betty Cockney’s storytelling was already in progress…
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