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This first part of this video shows interviews with four Elders: Sarah Meyook, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, and Dora Malegana. They talk about their lives in the Delta and on the Coast. The second part of the video shows winners of the 1993 Mad…
A video of drum dancing performances from the 1992 Inuit Circumpolar Conference. The video is narrated in Inuvialuktun.
A video of the Bringing our Languages Home: Aboriginal Language Conference in Yellowknife, NT which took place on March 25 - March 27, 1991. It includes clips of the conference and interviews with conference participants.
A video of different drum dance performances created to help people learn the drum dances and songs.
This video shows interviews with Elders Jane Esau, Alex Gordon, Hope Gordon, Kathleen Hansen, Tom Elanik, Fred Joe, and Amos Paul from Aklavik who have all passed on. They tell stories from their lives and explain how people lived long ago.
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It focuses on the television side of ICS and includes a tribute to the Elders who have contributed to ICS over the past 20 years.
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