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A group photo of a few men in front of a caught whale. The photo shows: Back row-left to right: Titus Allen, Danny A. Gordon, Front: Billy Archie.

The photo shows the mackenzie drum dance group performing a song. The photo includes: Alec Gordon Drum Dance Group. 1. Priscilla Kayotuk, 2. Colin Gordon, 3. Robert Arey, 4. Andrew Gordon, 5. Danny A. Gordon, 6. Alec Gordon

Mackenzie Drummers & Dancers taking a break. The photo includes: 1. Danny A. Gordon, 2. Alex Gordon, 3. Amos Paul, 4. Unidentified person, 5. Kathleen Hansen 6. Hope Gordon.

Another photo of Drum Dancing at Shingle Point for the birthday of Danny A. Gordon (son of Alex Gordon).
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